After Sales Service

In the field of switches, the world operates orderly because of us. We hold the key to issue an order.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

Dailywell Electronics Co. Ltd has consistently adhered to the principles "Customer First, Quality First", especially extremely strict quality control upon manufacturing. In addition, Dailywell culture is a strong quality management, so any outgoing of switches meets our quality evaluation procedure and testing. Once we get any customer complaint, we very concern any issue complaint, which is the improvement or prevent according.

Step 1: Customer complaint

Once we receive any customer complaint, we will provide a formal complaint form for the customer to fill in. This form request that the issue description, happen situation, happen time, and the remained stock. Our quality team will start to survey the issue according to the form

Step 2: Issue analyzing

The issue information from the customer we get, then our quality team will start to analyze why causes the issue happen and how affects the issue happen.

This analyzing process is quite details, to support our professional quality team will understand the exact problem.

Step 3: Correction action

Correction action request is call CAR, which is a procedure used in reply a non conforming switches. CAR is meaning that we are reporting on a detected non conformance and have determined a root cause and how to take actions to correct. CAR is actions taken to eliminate the root cause then how to prevent its reoccurrence.

Step 4: Reply to customer

Assumed to above of the customer complaint, issue analyzing, and correction actions, our quality will summarize the key cause and the key preventive action to inform the customer how to solve. The mission of Dailywell must do feedback immediately since we don’t want the issue happen again and again.

Step 5: Tracking action

After the CAR we provide, we must track the analysis of effect from the customer. Complaints that are handled well may help us retain existing customers and could result in new customers being referred to my company.

Step 6: Closed

Well-managed complaints can benefit our company. Good manufacturing quality team learns to see complaints as an opportunity to build strong, lasting relationships with customers and improve their customer service. Customer complaints give company valuable information about how they need to improve.

After Sales Service

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