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​Dailywell electronics Co., Ltd is a​ Switch manufacturer from Taiwan​ and​ global switch supplier.​ ​Dailywell provides various switches that meet customer’s requirements.
Except for standard products, Dailywell has our own R&D team which can support customers’ technical problems, including product optimized, adjust, and customized.
From raw materials, development, quality assurance to sales, our professional team strictly controlled every process to ensure our products sends to customers perfectly.
The difference between Dailywell and other switch suppliers is that we focus on developing switches, keep trying new technology​ ​and launching new products every year, which is the same as our essence: We(switches) have invented the rules, Dailywell helps you to control everything.

Under continuous innovation and development, Dailywell does not only have standard industry switches but also high-end electronic switches.
Besides various appearance and LED colors, Dailywell developed switches that have high strength and are anti-destructive which can be applicable in harsh environments.

Dailywell has set up a clean room and introduced automated robot arms in our factory to achieve high-efficiency production and stable quality control.
Dailywell provides the best products and services that meet the requirements of customers.

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Toggle Switches - Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches

Dailywell toggle switches both UL, RoHS and HF compliance we insist on excellent materials. our factory...

Rocker Switches - Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches

Dailywell rocker switches are available in industry standard designs to allow for easy integration, they...

Slide Switches - Slide Switches

Slide Switches

Dailywell slide switches are commonly used in many applications, including consumer electronics, instrumentation,...

Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches

Pushbutton Switches

Dailywell pushbutton switches range in size from miniature to industrial power switches. We are offered...

Anti-vandal Switches - Anti-vandal Switches

Anti-vandal Switches

Dailywell Anti-vandal Switches can be found on valuable machine and public ticket dispenser applications,...

Rotary Switches - Rotary Switches

Rotary Switches

Dailywell rotary switches consists of a rotor that has a contact arm or spoke which projects from its surface...

Tact Switches - Tact Switches

Tact Switches

The most evident features of tactile switches are low weight and special tactile feel. It makes “quack,...

DC INLET Switches - Multi-Function Switches

DC INLET Switches

Dailywell multi-function series switches means that we combine switches with different types or functions...

Emergency Push-Pull Switches - Emergency Push-Pull Switches

Emergency Push-Pull Switches

Dailywell PTW series pushbutton switches have a high strength double shell case and a fully sealed construction....

Dip Switches - Dip Switches

Dip Switches

Dailywell DIP switches are available in surface mount, through-hole, right angle and vertical mounting...

Switch Parts - Switch Accessories

Switch Parts

Dailywell are offerd a full line of various accessories and hardware custom built to match each of Dailywell's...

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UL, CSA and TUV Switch Manufacturer From Taiwan | DAILYWELL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

Located in Taiwan since 1997, DAILYWELL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has been a switch manufacturer in the Electronic Components & Accessories Industry. Their electrical switches, including Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, Slide Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Metal Switches, Piezo Switches, Capacitive Switches, Illuminated Switches, Power Switches and Tact Switches, which are delivered with ISO 9001, UL, CSA and TUV certifications, as well as annual capacity of 800 million pieces.

Dailywell Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional switch manufacturer based in Taiwan since 1997. Annual capacity of 800 million pieces with 600 employees, DAILYWELL's switch is UL, RoHS and HF compliance, also made with high-end materials. In addition with ISO 9001, UL, CSA and TUV certified toggle switch, push button switch, rotary switch and more. Quality Assured. Our factory occupies an area of 15,000 m² in Zhuhai, and has an automated production and management control process with an annual capacity of 800 million pieces. The product lines range from toggle switches to rocker switches and metal switches. There are 50 categories in total. Our products are marketed around the world and are highly trusted as well as recognized by our global customers, which makes us the global leader of switches.

DAILYWELL has been offering customers switches in electronic component and accessory industries, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, DAILYWELL ensures each customer's demands are met.