Audio equipment

Audio equipment

Audio equipment

For the components of the sound control equipment industry. Dailywell insists on the use of materials that have an excellent effect on the loss of conductive signals and try higher-end specifications. So it will perform excellent high frequency response. Because of the emphasis on such details, it is possible to reduce the distortion when the signal passes through the switch, and it is easier to transmit a good voice through the change of the pre-amp stage, because the signal with less distortion needs less adjustment. In terms of structure, in response to the user's habits and stress conditions, just adjust the size, reduce wear and maintain the appearance of the mechanism.
Suitable for guitar effect simulators, guitars, sound control equipment, mixers, audio amplifier products, etc. Dailywell provide switch type include, Miniature toggle switches, Foot switches, Waterproof tact switches, Push button switches and Rotary switches.

Audio equipment

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  • Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches - Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches
    Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches
    2M Series

    The 2M series sub-miniature toggle switches offer in both SPDT and DPDT, including multiple actuator, bushing and termination options, and contact rating up to 3A. Now available with a locking toggle.Applications include telecommunications, instrumentation and medical equipment.

  • Effects Pedal Switches - Effects Pedal Switches
    Effects Pedal Switches
    FK Series

    The FK series Effects Pedal Switches comes in SPDT, DPDT or 3PDT circuits.We offer PCB pin termination or a solder lug panel mount option. This Effects Pedal Switches also comes in either momentary or alternate action functions.Applications include home appliances, floor care appliances, flight simulation gaming controls, industrial controls operated via foot switch, medical and dental applications, and audio/visual equipment.

  • Rotary Switches - Rotary Switches
    Rotary Switches
    RT Series

    The RT series rotary switches available in 1 pole with position 2 to position 8, and we offer more rotary switches for PCB or panel-mount applications. Miniature and subminiature designs save space on PCBs, while solder lug, PC thru-hole, wire lead, or quick connect terminations support a variety of mount options.Applications include communication equipments, intercom equipment, high value toy, power strip voltage selector, AV machine, video recorder, air cleaner.

  • Tact Switches - Tact Switches
    Tact Switches
    KS Series

    The distinctive features of KS series tact switches are caps available in several colors, high reliability contact and excellent switching feedback, and brightness with well mixed LED.Applications include medical equipment, lighting instrument panel, operating machine panel, audio control panel, NC panel.

  • Tact Switches - Tact Switches
    Tact Switches
    KT Series

    The distinctive features of KT series tact switches are perfect sense of touch, brightness with well mixed LED, unique structure of diffuser plate, and sealed structure to ensure high contact reliability.Besides, we offer two options of operating force: standard operating force 1.70N and high operating force 2.60N. Applications include medical equipment, test and measurement equipment.

  • Short Stroke Touch Switches(Washable) - Short Stroke Touch Switches(Washable)
    Short Stroke Touch Switches(Washable)
    BP Series

    The distinctive features of BP series tact switches are 8*8mm small size, long electrical life and waterproof illuminated tact switches.Applications include home appliances, consumer products, instrumentation, computer products, communication equipments.

  • Pushbutton Switches - Pushbutton Switches
    Pushbutton Switches
    PSD Series

    The PSD series pushbutton switches offer a variety of model styles and cap options. The distinctive features are the smallest illuminated pushbutton switch, long electrical life and various types of cap options.Applications include audio equipment, consumer products and instrumentation.

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