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31Mar 2020
Information COVID-19

Dailywell has variety switch products. We fully support the materials required for the production of medical equipment. Our production hasn't be affected under the severe of the new coronavirus epidemic. If customer need some changes in your requirement quantitity due to the impact of the new coronavirus, we have a strong material department to cooperate with you in purchasing, whether it is to adjustment the production lines and capacity or acceptance small quantity orders or customized products...etc. If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us.Dailywell focuses on the switches that medical device needs, and works with the world to fight against the harm caused by the new coronavirus.

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26Feb 2020
Dailywell Announce of A NEW Taiwan Plant Be Built to Enhance Production Capacity

Dailywell Announce of A NEW Taiwan Plant Be Built to Enhance Production CapacityRecently, for COVID-19 impact the whole world very seriously, and Dailywell pay high attention to protect this virus. Additionally, Dailywell makes effort to satisfy our customer ALL requirements, including urgent shipment, so we resume our production completely.Due to increase ordering requirements, Dailywell have built 3rd plant in Zhonghe, New Taipei City, which increasing our current production rate more, benefit our new products’ production controlling , and high-specification production lines. Currently, we Dailywell have three production plants, one in China, and the others in New Taipei City. We trust Dailywell can quickly satisfy all customers’ request based on our strong materials supply chain and a new production plant.We invite you to place your inquiry early, and we would like to reserve the production for you all.

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25Dec 2019
This is HOT news for our KPB22 series switches, which is complete approved by TUV & ENEC certification

This is HOT news for our KPB22 series switches, which is complete approved by TUV & ENEC certification. The distinctive of KPB22 series, which specs on illuminated switches are lightweight-plastic material, meets IP65 approval, different carved pattern customized, and with TUV & ENEC 61058-1 certification. Dailywell believe this specification with new approval certifications is complied with various applications on communication equipments, electronic measuring instruments, automation machines, industrial equipments, and kitchen equipments. Additionally, we know more competitive functions and complete certifications that are satisfied for you all. If you need more details of KPB22 switches information, please leave your inquiry on Dailywell website.

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08Jan 2021
2019 Dailywell’s exhibition review

All exhibitions we attended around the world in 2019 ended perfectly, appreciate all the supports and valuable suggestions from people who came. Dailywell will keep on providing integrity service and bring customer better quality switch products. In 2019, Dailywell attended Consumer Electronics Show, Electronica China, Autotronics Taipei, China International Industry Fair, Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Elexcon. We announced our new switch products during the exhibition. Also, we provide customer technical services and consultations to solve the problems that encountered in the mechanical design. Our warm-hearted service let customer feel the enthusiasm of Dailywell. We hope that Dailywell can be more advanced to provide professional, high-quality switches and be your best partner.

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20Aug 2017
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